How it works?

Connect an external / built-in webcam to a computer / tablet with internet access

Create biometric profiles for employees in your personal account

Pass identification in front of the camera at the beginning / end of the work shift

Get automated reporting for the time sheet and access control


The exact definition of the duration of the employee's working day

Control of actual presence in the workplace without the possibility of falsification.

Image quality of service employees rating
Image quality of service realtime stream

Automatically the report in a form convenient for you

Online panel for the manager - monitoring of events in real time.
Reporting for the time sheet - correct calculation of wages.

Control of access to premises and protected areas (ACS)

The account of visitors, passes and time of stay in the room (Coming soon).

Image quality of service script ussage


Savings of FOT of the company 3-5%

Transparent system of motivation

Unqualified maintenance of time sheets

Automation of the process


High reliability, falsification is excluded

Easy implementation, only webcam connection

Low cost of equipment

Push notifications to the manager

For whom?

Any company that strives to automate processes and accurately record employee time


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